Mary Johnson

Mary Johnson

Consultant Solicitor

Human Rights, Public Interest Litigation and Advocacy

Mary Johnson is a UK- and US-qualified lawyer with extensive experience in Human Rights and Public Interest Litigation and Advocacy. She assists individual clients on a wide range of legal issues and advises companies on how to apply international norms on responsible business practice.

Mary previously worked as an International Lawyer at McCue & Partners LLP, the leading UK law firm specialising in counter-terror litigation. Having started her consultancy in 2013, Mary has travelled the globe, lending her expertise in Nigeria, Haiti, Mexico, Japan, and Lebanon and supporting clients in Ukraine, Somalia, Angola, China and Equatorial Guinea, to name a few.

Mary obtained her Juris Doctor from the University of San Francisco School of Law, where she focused on death penalty litigation. After sitting the California Bar Exam, Mary moved to Thailand to launch a socially responsible business before landing in the UK to pursue her LL.M in International Law from SOAS University of London.

She is an expert in corporate social responsibility, providing specialist advice regarding compliance with regulatory and reporting requirements for UK, US and European companies of all sizes. Her advice is practical and risk-based, grounded in her own experience as a social entrepreneur in the developing world.

SPECIALISM: Business and Human Rights | Corporate Immigration

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