Outsourcing & Procurement

There are a myriad reasons why it’s beneficial for a company to procure goods and services from external suppliers; outsourcing is a way in which firms can drive down costs while getting the job done by experts.

The contracts involved in these purchasing arrangements can be complicated; they need to be drafted with care and checked by specialist lawyers. Our commercial solicitors can provide the specialist experience and knowledge required to ensure that such contracts are fully beneficial to our clients.

Our experienced outsourcing and procurement lawyers will work with you to ensure that these documents are watertight, leaving no room for error or misunderstanding.

Our Outsourcing and Procurement Services

Our talented outsourcing and procurement specialists will also:

Prepare Invitations to Tender: These should be clearly set out so that bidders know exactly what they’re bidding for. Avoid ambiguity and confusion by involving a specialist outsourcing and procurement lawyer.

Prepare contract terms: Whether for single transactions or to develop standard documentation. The contract should include the scope of the services being outsourced, service levels and the costs that are likely to be incurred during the term of the agreement.

Draft specifications: Relating to the functional or physical characteristics or nature of a supply or service and the requirements to be satisfied.

Negotiate contract terms: Strategy planning and internal readiness need to be in place before detailed negotiations begin. We will try to ensure that no negotiations take place before this planning has been formalised.

Review the Responses to Tender: We will help set in place selection and evaluation criteria and methods – whether on price, quality score or a balance between the two. We will also advise on the use of tiebreakers, pass or fail hurdles and past experience.

How We Work

We offer a particularly dynamic way of working, whereby our legal representative will work in-house with your team in certain cases. This gives them the opportunity of learning more about you and your business. We will be on hand as and when you need advice, and will work on a retainer basis so that you receive no unexpected invoices at the end of the month.

Our outsourcing and procurements lawyers come from a diverse background, ranging from the Top 50 UK law firms to large commercial organisations. You can therefore expect to receive excellent legal advice on matters relating to commercial law, corporate law and more.

If you would like further information please contact us on 0121 562 1704 or click the link below to contact us.

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Natalia Rojas Alvarez

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