Media & Entertainment

From actors to journalists, My Business Counsel provides experienced media and entertainment legal services in both an advisory capacity (prior to an agreement being formalised), as well as in the thick of litigation when a dispute arises in need of resolution.

Media & Entertainment Legal Services

Our lawyers support those in media and entertainment with a wide array of sector-specific legal services, including:

  • Contractual advice
  • Contract negotiations
  • Sponsorship deals
  • Image rights issues
  • Copyright issues
  • Breach of contract
  • Disputes involving third parties (e.g. agents, end clients)
  • Privacy issues
  • Defamation
  • Injunctions

Media & Film Financing Legal Services

The world of media relies on a steady stream of sufficient funding. Without securing the necessary financing, there is no project, and often those getting a new production off the ground must turn to innovative financing solutions to move forward. The dynamic nature of media and film financing demands the right legal expertise. Without it, both investors and media owners could be left in a precarious position. Working alongside lending institutions, private equity firms, corporate financiers, studios and production companies, we can provide legal expertise on:

  • Corporate acquisitions
  • Single-production financings of feature films, television movies and series
  • Joint ventures and international co-productions
  • Gap financing
  • Private equity investment

The Uniqueness of Media Law

Whether working in film, television, music or publishing, our media and entertainment lawyers appreciate that reputation is everything for professionals in these industries.

Confidentiality and discretion are the cornerstones of the legal profession, but are perhaps no more important than when handling a case involving a high-profile individual in media and entertainment.

My Business Counsel media lawyers understand the unique nature of this field of law, and can happily work alongside your existing agent or representation, or equally head up negotiations alone.

Beyond Dotting the Is and Crossing the Ts

With the advent of the internet, the media and entertainment industry has changed irrevocably. The way consumers consume media is nothing like it once was. Revenue streams have multiplied, but so too has competition and the prospect of copyright theft.

We deliver legal support and guidance for growth in today’s industry. We understand the new ways of working in media - the creation of content, aggregating, distributing, monetising and operating.

With an eye on the future, our legal services are made for the 21st century of media and entertainment - not for the world it once was. Our media and entertainment legal services span every market - across seas and continents, and expand to cover:

  • ‘Ahead of time ‘ early identification/management of disputes
  • Legal advice on content creation and development, acquisition and distribution
  • Advice on all forms of media and entertainment sponsorships, merchandising, live events, talent arrangements and agreements
  • The creation, revision and management of legal and regulatory frameworks
  • Advice on expansion into new media segments and markets
  • Analysis of the value and risk of your media and entertainment assets
  • Services to protect you as you form or manage partnerships and/or joint ventures
  • The identification and management of the risks involved in platform and channel development and launches

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