Natalia Rojas

Natalia Rojas Alvarez

Consultant Solicitor

Procurement & Commercial

Natalia is a well-respected commercial lawyer who specialises in public procurement and all legal matters related to the procurement function of the public sector. With 10 years post qualification experience, Natalia has spent the last 7 years providing legal and procurement advice to NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioning Support Units.

She started her career working for American multinational companies bidding for work in the UK, Spain and France. Working for the other side of the fence has provided Natalia with invaluable knowledge of the ins and outs of a commercial business, which has contributed to Natalia´s pragmatic advice on procurement strategy and Intellectual property matters to public sector organisations wanting to be more commercial.

Natalia explains technicalities in plain language and when she is not helping her clients she likes to shop online, after all... She is a procurement professional!

Natalia provides legal advice on procurement matters and has successfully established a commercial governance and compliance function within the NHS which played an integral role in the attainment of CIPS Corporate certification. As a result the organization became the first NHS organisation to achieve Gold level standard, demonstrating it has the procurement and supply policies, strategies, procedures and processes to achieve procurement excellence.

Her main areas of knowledge are procurement and commercial law, also as Head of Legal for an NHS procurement organisation her negotiation skills, commercial and strategic advice makes Natalia a trusted partner to all her clients.

The advice provided to public sector clients can extrapolate to companies looking to provide services and goods to the public sector, including but not limited to private providers of healthcare services, SME’s, and technology companies looking to develop software for medical purposes.

SPECIALISM: Outsourcing & Procurement | Commercial

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