Probate, Trusts and Wills

There are few things that are certain in life, besides death and taxes that is; both of which, it just so happens, share a lot in common.

The creation of a will, with the right legal expertise, can ensure your tax liabilities are reduced, your loved ones are protected, and those you care about don’t have to suffer the added pressure of dealing with an estate intestate.

Yet despite the benefits of a will being well-understood, some 60% of Brits STILL do not have a will (that’s around 31 million people).

Peace of mind. That’s what a will provides. Beyond the division of assets, we can also handle any unique instructions you want in place come the distant day you pass away. This might be the appointment of guardians for your children, or the creation of trusts if your estate is especially large and complex.

Whether alive, well and making the wise decision to create a will, or you’re about to administer your loved one’s probate, MBC can help.

Probate Services (and Support Through this Tough Time)

Being an executor of a will is an honour; someone has entrusted you with their final wishes, because they knew you’d carry out their instructions to the last letter. Yet with this responsibility, comes pressure added on top of an incredibly stressful, emotional time.

We’re here to help lift these stressors and support you as you administer the estate. We can provide jargon-free advice as to whether you need a Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration (and help you arrange them if needs be). We’ll also advise on the payment of Inheritance Tax, handle the associated tax return and help you in deciding how to meet any tax that has fallen due.

But beyond the specifics of our probate, trust and will services, are the smaller considerations that can make all the difference. Like never sending correspondence to the address of the deceased - and ensuring that all other companies and individuals are aware of the person’s passing. It is through small actions such as these that we hope to make the lives of your loved ones just a little easier.

Deeds of Variation - A Quick Overview

If you’ve received a gift in a will that you wish to pass onto someone else - such as your children - a Deed of Variation might ensure that they and you avoid any unnecessary tax liabilities.

Our probate lawyers can help arrange this for you - putting together the necessary documentation and ensuring that a Deed of Variation is the right course of action for your circumstances.

Trusts - A Legal Recap

Trusts are a legal structure in which trustees are assigned to ‘hold’ assets, such as property, money or investments.

Trusts are for the benefit of the stated beneficiaries and are used for reasons that range from reducing tax burdens to the protection of their finances.

MBC probate and will lawyers can provide the right advice as to whether a trust could be the right course of action for you and those you love.

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