Business & Human Rights

We offer a range of advisory services related to how business activity impacts on human rights and vice versa. We understand that for many busy executives, this is an area that can be difficult to manage as it crosses over various functions, from compliance to communications to CSR. We tailor our services to fit with the needs of your business and the resources available to dedicate to this growing area of concern.

Business and human rights issues can arise in the context of, for example:

  • Employment disputes related to unionisation, collective bargaining, and freedom of association
  • Land rights issues related to oil, gas, and other extractive concessions and indigenous peoples
  • Consumer protests based on perceptions of sub-standard practices related to wages, hours, anti-discrimination, and other employee rights
  • Reporting on the gender pay gap (as every UK business with more than 250 employees is required to do)
  • Monitoring and reporting on the potential existence of slavery in its supply chain
  • Data protection, especially in light of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Since 2011, when the UN Human Rights Council endorsed the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, legislative and shareholder attention to this area has grown steadily. In light of the persistent increase of the scope of the regulatory framework, no company can now afford to ignore the impacts its business may have on human rights. In conjunction with our Regulatory Investigations and Defence team, we can prioritise the salient issues for your business, applying a risk-based approach to ensure your company’s human rights approach is fit for purpose and unassailable.

How our lawyers can assist you:

  • Carrying out Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) prior to new ventures, mergers, acquisitions, or other business milestones
  • Drafting company policies to address relevant human rights considerations without interfering in business efficiency
  • Formulating internal and external communications strategies to address the company’s position on human rights and how it impacts on its relations with its employees, supply chain, and customers
  • Advising on existing and emerging regulatory frameworks in the UK, EU, US and elsewhere; for example, how to draft an effective Gender Pay Gap report or Modern Slavery Act statement
  • Providing training to Board Members and senior management on human rights issues that impact on an individual business, industry, or geographic area
  • Providing legal advice in litigation, arbitration, and mediation related to human rights issues

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Jas Uppal

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