Pension Disputes & Litigation

The best way of protecting your company against pension disputes and litigation is by ensuring that your pension schemes are drawn up properly in the first place. At the same time, issues such as retail price index linking, compared with consumer price indexing and ineffective investment planning, can cause problems and attract disputes.

Our employment litigation solicitors can help you with your workplace pensions. We deal with claims against employers, pensions professionals and trustees, and act on behalf of companies or individuals before the Pensions Regulator and Pensions Ombudsman.

Pension Disputes and Litigation Services

Here is a sample of some of the issues that can arise in connection with pensions. They are by no means exhaustive, so do get in touch to see how we can help with your pension dispute:

Drafting errors and the interpretation of documents: Errors in pension documents such as member booklets, statements of investment principles, trust deeds and rules can lead to disputes, and we will act on your behalf should they arise.

Linked professional negligence claims: We act on behalf of companies against pension professionals with regard to wrongly administered or operated pension schemes.

Previous legal advisors: We can represent you in claims against lawyers, actuaries, financial advisers and scheme administrators who have formerly been involved in administering a scheme.

Application brought by employees to amend a pension scheme’s rules: We provide guidance and consultation services in the event your workers wish you to alter your pension scheme’s rules or benefits.

How We Work

Our employment lawyers come from some of the largest law firms and commercial organisations in the UK, giving you the benefit of their legal expertise and commercial know-how.

We work from our own offices or in-house with your legal team. Working in-house gives our lawyer a real insight into your company and gives them the ability to make decisions based on evidential knowledge. It also means that they can react to situations as they occur and make adjustments where necessary.

We also provide guidance on employment law, other types of litigation and dispute resolution and commercial law.

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