Software Development and Licensing

Software development can be an expensive proposition for a sole trader or a company. Should the software fail to live up to its billing in the eyes of the buyer or cause problems further down the line, litigation may be required. That means it’s imperative to make sure every eventuality is covered in the contracts and agreements that are signed at the outset.

Our team of IT lawyers can provide the support you need to ensure that should litigation be required you are fully prepared. Software developers also need to feel that they are working with binding documents that will prevent disagreements and disputes further down the line.

Software Development and Licensing Services

We provide specialist licensing advice and guidance on all areas of software licensing agreements, including:

Software specifications: Detailed specifications are imperative to prevent disagreements and misunderstandings. Our solicitors can draw up or look over your software specification to ensure that all areas are fully and legally covered.

Transfer of copyright ownership: The developer owns the copyright to the software unless the ownership is transferred to the client. We ensure that your transfer of copyright ownership agreement makes it clear who owns the copyright at the end of the development period.

Ownership of background technology: Developers need to know that the ownership of subroutines they have built into their software are not transferred to the client in the event of a transfer of copyright ownership. Our solicitors can draw up a contract that makes sure this isn’t the case.

Distribution agreements: We help software developers license and distribute their products with commercially focused agreements that protects and helps them exploit their intellectual property rights.

Dispute resolution: Bringing your case to court is expensive and stressful. In the first instance, we will help mediate and negotiate to prevent the situation reaching that stage, and represent you in court should this become necessary.

How We Work

Our talented software licensing agreements team come from some of the Top 50 UK law firms and other large commercial concerns. We offer our clients the flexibility of utilising our services in-house along with your own legal team, or work from our offices in the traditional manner.

We will work with you for however long is necessary: on a long-term or short-term assignment or a one-off job, working to monthly budgets for in-house working and reasonable costs for all other types of work.

As well as information technology law, we advise on IP issues, employment law and all aspects of corporate law.

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