Planning, Environmental and Regeneration

The issues involved in planning, environmental and regeneration law can be complex and expensive for developers, landowners and retailers. In addition, new regulations on environmental planning and regeneration are being introduced all the time, and it pays to have an experienced team of renewable energy lawyers to help you manage your legal responsibilities in response to these changes.

Our planning, environmental and regeneration lawyers have extensive experience in environmental and energy law, and also have the required commercial expertise to deal with the problem at hand while taking the needs of your business into account. Our solicitors will work closely with your team to reach the right conclusion for everyone concerned.

We act for businesses, landowners, developers and objectors, and can help with the following (and more):

Planning Issues

Our lawyers work on a wide range of planning issues. These include:

  • Contamination of land issues: For example, clean-up matters, allotment of liabilities, remediation strategies.
  • Rights to light: A long-standing law requires property owners to have access to a certain level of light within their property. Planning must take this into account.
  • Change of Use planning applications: Planning permission is not always, but often, required for a proposed change of use. Our lawyers can guide you through the process.
  • Planning application advice: Careful attention to detail is required when drawing up a planning application.
  • Drawing up contracts for planning appeals: Decisions need to be made on how the appeal should proceed, the merits of your particular case and the issues that will be covered in the appeal.
  • Listed buildings and conservation area issues: We will help with breaches in controls in these areas.
  • Compulsory purchase and compensation issues: Whether you are affected by these laws or wish to raise a compulsory purchase order yourself.
  • Planning enforcement matters: We’ll help with all legal matters in connection with planning enforcement, including advice on how to challenge enforcement and how to avoid it.

Environmental Issues

Environmental legislation can be a legal minefield for businesses. We can help with the following, as well as other matters:

  • Health and safety issues with regard to the use of chemicals.
  • Environmental litigation.
  • Waste strategies including recycling and waste management.
  • Air, water and land pollution advice.

Regeneration Issues

The legal issues involved in regeneration projects can include procurement, conveyancing, employment law and more. Contact us to find out how we can help you find a commercially focused solution to your project.

How We Work

Our flexible approach means that you may have one of our lawyers work in-house (this works better for larger companies), who will get to know your business in-depth and work to a monthly budget. Alternatively, we’ll work as a traditional private practice from our office. Whichever works for you as a company or individual, you’ll have an experienced, professional legal representative working for you.

As well as planning, environmental and regeneration issues, we provide advice on all matters of energy law, corporate law, commercial law and intellectual property.

If you would like further information please contact us on 0121 562 1704 or click the link below to contact us.

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Andrew Waite
Andrew Waite

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Libby Cooper

Libby Cooper is a Commercial lawyer that has over 20 years of experience helping businesses navigate commercial, governance, compliance, dispute...
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