Solar Energy

My Business Counsel’s experienced team of renewable energy lawyers provides solar energy developers, contractors, landowners, employers, funds, fund advisers, institutional & merchant bank lenders, family offices and brokers, a fully integrated, cross-disciplined spectrum of services to develop projects from start to finish, including:

  • Project development including EPC, O&M and related agreements;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Regulatory and permitting;
  • Power purchase agreements;
  • Construction and project finance facility agreements;
  • Insolvency remoteness securitisation drafting into PPAs and leases;
  • Real estate advice on agreements for lease, option, and leases;
  • Investor-grade due diligence reports and document-pack preparation.

We have extensive solar energy and energy from waste experience that covers a wide variety of clients, and projects, in the UK and across the world. We can apply our depth of knowledge and experience to all other forms of targeted power plant solutions where the funding, contractors and permitting are in place, and a contracts solution under English law is desired.

Below are examples of some of our team’s representations

Case study: Southern England ground-mount solar

We advised a major developer engineering procurement and construction (“DEPC”) company on their corporate acquisition of shovel-ready assets (“shovel-ready” meaning:- ‘with planning permission and other permitting in place to construct a solar power plant’) on a pipeline of 25MW of projects across Wales and England, and then the flip-sale of those assets with construction and operation & maintenance phase solutions to financial “exits” or purchasers, such as pension funds or other renewable energy infrastructure funds.

Case study: Northern England residential-roof mount solar

We worked for our main contractor-client on the main concession contract for a major government-backed housing association, and then prepared the installation sub-licence contract for installation of 3000 PV (“photovoltaic”) units, in a project based in the North of England. We also advised on the negotiated procedure procurement process helping the lawyers from the housing association with this area when advice was sought on the regulations for supply of services, and produced the operation and maintenance agreement and work closely with the main contractor on their global portfolio in commercial-scale renewable (mainly solar) energy solutions.

Case study: Welsh sports stadium and Midlands NHS building commercial-roof mount solar

We worked for our main contractor-client on their commercial asset purchase agreement for an installed commercial roof-mounted system, which work included review of the leases in place, and the generation of amendments to the leases to Include insolvency remoteness drafting to allow for bond-financed final exit-purchase of the assets from the contractor-client.

Case study: South Africa’s renewable energy programme

We advised bidders for round 3 of 5 of the South African Government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPP). The government aims to generate GWs of utility-scale solutions from sources spanning wind, solar PV and solar CSP, including examination of virtual power plants to aggregate power sources.

Other forms of energy and major infrastructure projects

Our team has a deep experience in successfully concluding winning private finance initiative (PFI) projects in sectors from Defence, to Civil Engineering, Coastal Engineering and Energy. We have recently won instructions to manage the entire contract solutions including all corporate, projects and real estate for a solar energy programme for an originally CEE-based DEPC. We have been awarded a mandate to provide legal services for a global renewable energy company to work on their solar and energy from waste projects. Our team has also recently won instructions to work alongside a global law firm for their renewable energy law client providing our expertise in the clean energy sector.

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