Silvia Schmidt

Consultant Solicitor

Media & Finance

I am an English-law qualified lawyer and solicitor. I trained in finance law from 2012 to 2014 and have since become an expert in commercial and contract law. I am deeply passionate about contracts and love nothing more than drafting a contract that truly reflects the intentions of both parties. Having spent two years training with a magic circle firm, as well as six years with a specialised boutique law firm and as an in-house legal and business advisor in London, I can help you finalise your commercial negotiations as well as concluding a contract that reflects the needs of both parties and that, crucially, protects your rights. I have experience in providing advice on general contractual and commercial matters.

I am also a specialised media and media finance lawyer. This means that I am specialised in all areas of media and finance law. Over the past six years, I have advised finance clients, such as corporate or private investors, individual producers and production companies, as well as writers and social media content creators. Through my media and finance experience, I can help you with your IP and copyright questions, licencing, international media finance transactions, single picture finance, media investments as well as general media law, entertainment law and production law queries, such as options, writer agreements or cast and crew agreements. I have also advised clients on litigating or settling disputes in relation to their media projects and investments.

Since joining MBC, I have continued to advise clients on general commercial and contractual queries, as well as media and entertainment law and media finance transactions.

My clients include individuals and companies in the UK as well as abroad who need help with commercial and contractual questions. This includes clients who need advice on their rights contained in a contract they have already signed and those who are currently negotiating a contract and need help drafting it, including template contracts for use for my client’s clients. I also help international clients come to grips with their English-law contracts and make working in a foreign language or jurisdiction less daunting.

My media and entertainment clients include private and corporate clients who work operate in the film and tv industry. They include individual producers, writers, content creators, screenwriters and production companies. I advise them on all aspects of media law, entertainment law and production law. This includes drafting contracts, advising them on their rights and ensuring their rights or investments are protected appropriately.

Last but not least, I also provide advice to clients on avoiding or settling disputes, such as advice when my client’s clients don’t pay when due, or when there is a suspected breach of contract. My clients will want to keep litigation costs law and my advice includes weighing up the pros and cons of litigation and achieving a settlement when this may be the most beneficial option.

SPECIALISM: Commercial | Intellectual Property | Advertising & Marketing

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